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About Us

Blaine’s Art, originally established in 1953 as a commercial paint store in Midtown Anchorage, Alaska, has a rich history spanning multiple generations. The business was initially owned by the Blaine family, then the Weeks family, and finally to the Haag family. Under Rene Haag’s leadership, Blaine’s Art became a prominent figure in Alaska’s art supply industry. Today, the store is owned by Amanda Bennett.

Blaine’s Art is more than just a store; it’s a destination for artists of all levels. With a coffee bar, custom frame shop, art classes, and an extensive range of art supplies, Blaine’s Art has become a go-to for those seeking creative inspiration. We pride ourselves on being a fun, exciting, and welcoming place for all artists and enthusiasts.

At Blaine’s Art, we are committed to serving our community. We support local art-related initiatives through donations. We believe that art plays a vital role in our society, and we strive to make it accessible to everyone.

Come visit us at Blaine’s Art and discover a world of creativity and inspiration.


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