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Renee’s Kids Classes


Looking for a fun and engaging art class for your child? Look no further than Renee Morhain’s art classes at Blaine’s Art! As a warm and inviting instructor, Renee has a passion for both art and people, and she has a talent for tailoring her lessons to all ages children.Whether your child is a seasoned artist or just starting out, Renee’s classes are sure to spark their creativity and imagination. With her deep knowledge of art,, Renee is able to teach children about the fundamentals of art while also encouraging them to experiment with different techniques and styles.Classes are open to ages 6 and up, and younger children are welcome as long as a parent stays present. With Renee as their instructor, your kids are sure to have a good time while also learning important skills and concepts. Don’t miss this opportunity to foster your child’s love of art and creativity. Enroll them in Renee’s classes at Blaine’s Art today!

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