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Choose from 3 types of art classes for kids!
Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly Evening Classes

"Discover the joy of creating art without the hassle of gathering supplies with our
all-inclusive art camps and workshop! We provide everything you need to complete the
projects, including a full range of high-quality materials and tools. At the end of the
session, students are not only able to take home their finished artworks, but also the
supplies used during the workshop to continue their artistic journey beyond the

Art workshops and art camps offer unique opportunities for artistic exploration,
but with distinct formats tailored to different preferences and schedules.

In an art workshop, participants can deep dive into projects over the course of
one intensive day lasting 4 hours. You'll receive expert guidance and hands-on
instruction to deepen your understanding and skill in a specific area of artistic
expression. This format is more suitable for families who must commute to Anchorage
for classes, but are open to all who are interested in attending.

On the other hand, art camps provide a more comprehensive and diverse
experience spread out over four days of 2-hour sessions. This format is perfect for
individuals who prefer a varied curriculum and enjoy experimenting with various artistic
approaches in a relaxed and extended timeframe.

Select the format that best suits your needs and embark on a creative journey
that resonates with your artistic vision."
- Renee Morhain

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