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Pearlescent Watercolors: Golden, Etchr, 12 Half Pan Set

Hand-picked, premium metallic watercolours in a set of 12 half-pans. Achieve a lustrous liquid metal finish with this Golden Set. These paints can be used standalone, or to enhance your traditional watercolour pieces with a warm shimmer and added dimension. Experimenting with these paints will open up a world of possibilities


We thought it was about time a brand took the guesswork out of paint selection to deliver simply the best student-grade watercolour paints. We spent over a year sourcing watercolours from all over the world. We then put every paint through rigorous testing by our panel of professional watercolourists and instructors. Finally, we hand-picked the best paints that would be priced in the ‘student-grade’ category and put together a few sets that achieve what we set out to do.  

What is the binding agent for the colours?

All our watercolours use Gum Arabic as the binding agent.

Do these paints conform to ASTM-4236?

Yes, they do.

What comes in the box?

  • 12 half pans: Canary, Royal Gold, Pure Gold, Sand, Deep Gold, White Gold, Steel Grey, Olive, Coffee, Sepia, Bronze, Satin Bronze
  • Stored come inside a pink metal case for easy carry
  • Swatching paper (100% cotton, 230gsm Cold Press paper)
  • Durable outer box for safe packaging and delivery (plus, the box is so cool that you can use it for whatever you like!)

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