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Submit to the November Group Show: Watercolor

Who: You!!! ... and other Local Artists. All Ages. All Skill Levels.

What: Group Art Show featuring Watercolor w/ a First Friday Event + Art Supply Booths!

Where: Blaine’s Art, 1025 Photo Ave

When: November 3rd (drop off 11/25 - 11/1, pick up 11/25 - 12/6) 

(Any paintings not picked up by Feb 1, 2024 will be donated to Salvation Army on Northern Lights)

Why: bc it’s FUN to bring artists together!!!


  • 1 painting per person

  • Subject matter must be mom/dad/karen approved (no nudes, drugs, etc.)

  • No approval process, we’ll hang 1st come 1st hung until the walls are full

  • Yes, you can sell your work. Blaine’s keeps a 25% fee

  • Needs to be framed with wire on the back to hang (pic above)

(our frame shop can wire for you for $5.00)

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